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How To Embed Website Analyzer Widget On ClickFunnels

In this article, You will Learn Step Step guide to using the Ada Bundle Website Analyzer on Click Funnels Page Builder.

Kindly take note of the Sections highlighted with the Color Red rectangle, Square, or arrow shapes; as that would mean You are to click on that section of either Ada Bundle App or Click Funnels Page Builder.

Now Very Quickly we will be copying a simple line/set of codes from the Ada bundle App and embedding it on the Click Funnels Page Builder, to enable us to get the Website Analyzer Widget On Click Funnels Site.

Let’s Get Started…

Step One: kindly login into Your Ada Bundle Account, and Click on Reports

Step Two: Look directly below the Header Menu Section on the right of Your screen and Click on the Get Embed Code Button…

Step Three: A new Sub Screen will Display Some sets of Codes and a button to the right bottom, Kindly Click on Copy Embed Code Button


Now that we have Copied the Line Codes, we will be heading over to the Click Funnels Page Builder and Embedding this Simple Line of Codes we have Copied from the Ada bundle App and Embedding it on the Click Funnels Page Builder

Step  Four: Login into The Click Funnels Account and Go over to Your Site, the exact Site You want to embed the Code on and click on Edit Page

PS: You can also build from scratch, but, for the sake of this tutorial I will be editing my already designed Site Page


Step  Five: Once the Page is Opened up and ready for customization, kindly click on the Elements Option on the Right Header menu of Your screen, a Dropdown will appear, Next You select Add Elements


Step  Six: Scroll down from the Element Menu that Displays on the Right Part of Your screen and Drag and Drops Custom Js/HTML Element to Your Page



Step  Seven: Click on the Settings Icon on the Custom Javascript/HTML Element on Your page, a new Menu Will Pop up on the right of Your screen, select the Open Code Editor Button


Step  Eight: Paste the Code in the Popup Screen and Click Out the site of the box for it to be added.

Step  Nine: Go ahead and Hit the Save Button, then You can Preview

Step  10: Finally, This is how Your Website Analyzer Looks on your Click Funnels Site Page

In case You encountered any difficulties in getting this done, kindly use the chat widget on the right bottom of Your Screen and we would be glad to help You.

Updated on July 4, 2022

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