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How To Add A Custom Domain

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to create a custom domain and point to our server.

First, I’ll do a quick definition of terms, so we get on the same page.

Custom Domain: a custom domain is your own agency/company domain pointed to sv1.adabundle.com so that you can share, view, and engage with your site using your custom URL.

So instead of the ADA Bundle share links (and embed code) coming as an extension of the embed.adabundle.com domain, it comes in your own personal/agency URL. This is a super cool feature for ADA Bundle Agency owners as it gives a level of professionalism and anonymity to the tool being used.

To make the custom domain work correctly, you need to create a subdomain first from your Cpanel and point it our server, sv1.adabundle.com

Example of a subdomain is, app.davidson.com not davison.com

Once correctly done the custom domain eg app.davidson.com redirects to app.adabundle.com login page. and it’ll take 24 hours for SSL to be active. If not, please contact our support.

So, let’s get started!!!

To add a custom domain to the ADA Bundle app, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your Cpanel and Create a Subdomain


Click on Subdomains

Enter a prefix for your subdomain and select the document root from an existing domain in your account and click on create.

If created, it will return a success message


Step 2: Go to Zone Editor in your Cpanel


In the Zone Editor area, you will see all the domains in your account. Click on the Manage Button in front of the domain used to create the subdomain you are working with.

And click on Add Record

Next, you’ll need to add the subdomain(ada.casestudyhq.com) you created earlier, select Cname from the dropdown and the record should be sv1.adabundle.com

Click on Save Record

Step 3: Login to ADABundle Dashboard


Click on “Setup Custom Domain”.

Enter your Custom Domain and click on “Add Domain”



At this time, you’ll need to wait for 24hrs for it to propagate. If after 24hrs, it still has not propagated, please contact our support.



Updated on October 11, 2022

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